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~ About La Piñata ~

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill cultural pride and positive values in all youth and promote a sense of community in Boston, with the ultimate objective of understanding and appreciating the cultural diversity among us all.

~ About Rosalba ~


Rosalba Solis is the founder of the Boston-based, La Pinata - a nearly thirty-year old, Latin American cultural & performing arts, community organization. Rosalba is a professional teacher, dancer, musician, '19 Mayor Walsh Youth Advocate Award Winner, '13 Jubilation Foundation Fellow, '05 Boston Fund for Teachers Fellows, '01 Michael Griffin Humanities Award Honorable Mention recipient for "excellence and commitment in service to Boston youth", and '93 Massachuesetts Arts in Education Award recipient for "being an outstanding educator in the arts". What is truly amazing, however, is watching Rosalba engage with students and audiences, Rosalba sparks a love for arts through her cultural and performing arts instructions; and with the arts as a tool for transcending obstacles, Rosalba ignites a joy for learning and life in all students and audiences that she touches.